Keeping it plain and simple
Investment planning that'll work for you
  • Clear and structured overview of the range of investment products and funds in the marketplace
  • Covers more than just the company retirement fund!
  • Emphasises the investment need that each product fulfils and identifies suitable investors for each product type
  • Unbiased & objective
  • Developed and presented by an experienced investment product developer & Certified Financial Planner
  • Independent service provider. No link with any Investment House or Insurer
  • No sales pitch!
  • No grow rich quick schemes
  • Practical examples and course notes provided
We’re truly committed to Investor Education!
Comments from our recent Workshops
“I have learnt so much!!”
“More courses – great.”
“Very knowledgeable presenters”

“Eye opener”

“Presentation was excellent”
“Course should have been conducted before we were told to indicate options on pension/provident forms earlier this year. Some of us did not make informed decisions.”
Investing For Tomorrow has presented to a range of companies on either retirement planning, tax planning or general budgeting, either in its own capacity, or on behalf of ICAS, the prominent employee-assistance company.


Do YOU know? 

  • If you’ll have enough to retire at any age, 50, 60, 70?

  • How to tell a good unit trust fund from a bad one?

  • Whether your investments are achieving the best possible returns for you? What effect marriage, divorce, retrenchment or death has on your investments and company retirement fund?

  • How pension, provident, retirement annuity, preservation funds and endowment policies really work?

  • The important and often subtle differences between various insurance products – death cover, disability, severe illness, impairment?


  • Continue to see pension funds as forced savings plans to be accessed when they resign.

  • Purchase investment products that are not suitable for their specific needs.

  • Avoid investing because they don't understand how.

  • Fail to plan properly for their future needs and retirement because they believe “it’s taken care of”.

  • Lose money in poorly performing investments because they don't understand them.


  • Reduce anxiety & boost confidence and security when your staff reach retirement age or leave the company – they’ll know exactly what their options are.

  • Reduce Pension/Provident Fund cash withdrawals.

  • Reduce resistance to change, e.g. salary restructuring, retirement, salary to commission type earning, i.e. events that affect their financial status.

  • Increase staff retention & encourage positive attitudes by providing your staff with useful life skills.

  • Be seen as a caring employer, concerned with your staff’s financial well-being.

  • Provide your staff with impartial investment advice & options.​

  • Workshops can be done on-site.

  • Unlimited attendance per workshop.

  • Designed for all levels of staff.

Better investors, better economy, better prospects